Ten Tips to Decorate a Room From Scratch

As a professional interior redesigner and interior decorator, I often receive calls from frustrated homeowners who have tried in vain to put a room together. They may select a paint color and then experience trouble matching artwork, window treatments, and upholstery  마곡노래방. As a result, they have spent money on costly mistakes. If you are trying to create that great looking room, here are some tips you should follow that will make decorating a room an enjoyable pastime.

Assess the size and shape of the room as well as any architectural features. Are the ceilings high or low? Do you have plant shelves or niches? Is the room small requiring certain shapes and colors to make it appear larger? Does the room have an odd – angled layout or is it a long narrow room which requires angling the furniture?

Determine the focal point. Remember to revisit the main function of the room. Do you have a television, exceptional piece of artwork, fireplace, or beautiful scenery which will serve as the main attraction in the room?

Determine the seating area. Your main seating piece should face the focal point. To create a conversation area, the other seating should be close to the main seating piece either adjacent, or across from it. Ideally, you should not have to walk through the conversation area to go across the room. The simplest seating arrangement would be two chairs on either side of a sofa facing a coffee table. Make sure your seating arrangement will allow for good traffic flow. Angling furniture can address odd-angled rooms, bowling-alley type rooms, or small square rooms.

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