Fast Track Keys to Online Business Success: Every Shot You Take Must Be a Hit

If you’re a tennis fan, you’d have seen that interesting ad featuring Maria Sharapova that goes like this: “Every Shot Must Be A Hit”. This ad could be referring to a tennis 7.62×39 bulk ammo player, a photographer. But have you ever thought it could as well be appropriate to you as a one-person online entrepreneur?

You see, many people are attracted to the online business because of the low startup capital requirement. In fact, if you do your homework well, it is possible to start building a 6- or even 7-figure online business with just a couple hundred dollars.

But don’t go in with the misguided expectation of becoming rich days or weeks later. Yes, you can build yourself a very profitable online home business. But you’ve got to do so following business entrepreneurship practices that have been tried and tested over the years.

One thing I’ve noticed in my interactions with some of the highly successful online entrepreneurs is that they don’t just market to the multitude expecting to make some killer sales. Many of these successful online entrepreneurs invest thousands of dollars in testing and tracking and, in some cases, advertising.

You read me right. Many of the successful online businesses you read or hear about spend fortunes on testing every different possibility and marketing methods imaginable. From variations of sales copy to Pay-Per-Click advertisements, through mailing lists and more, these online-based companies spend a great deal of money testing their marketing and sales processes.

But these are companies that have already achieved a degree of success making money online. They can therefore afford to reinvest part of their profits on improving their marketing and sales operations and growing their business.

And if you are like many of the startup online entrepreneurs I consult for, you don’t have the luxury of thousands of dollars to invest in testing your marketing and sales systems. In fact, you hardly even have a marketing or sales system yet. I myself didn’t start out with a lot of money. In fact, I started building my online business, Global Success, using the same business building strategies I teach those I consult for and/or mentor. So, here’s the good news for you:

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