Haunted Dolls: Robert the Doll

Dolls are a popular toy for many children, but sometimes those same dolls can become something evil and sinister ラブドール通販. Many a nightmare and horror film has been inspired by haunted dolls. Could the truth be even more terrifying? Read on to learn about two cases of real haunted dolls and the horror they created?

Robert the Doll: Residing at the Key West Martello Museum, Robert is a doll that was once owned by painter and author Robert Eugene Otto. Known in the family as Eugene, he was given the doll in 1906 by a Bahamian servant that was skilled in voodoo and black magic arts. It is said that she was displeased with the family and placed a curse on the doll. With that, the stories of Robert the Doll begin.

Shortly after the boy was given the doll, his parents often heard him talking to the doll and the doll answering. At first they believe it was there son playing both parts, but eventually came to believe that it was the doll actually speaking. Sometimes the doll would giggle in a frightening way and they would glimpse him running from room to room. Guests in the home claimed to see Robert the Doll blink or his expression change suddenly and neighbors claimed to see the doll moving from window to window when the family was out.

Eventually the pranks grew worse, such as things being broken and the boy always claimed that “Robert did it”. During the night, Eugene would wake screaming and when his parents entered his room, they would find furniture overturned and Eugene in his bed terrified claiming “Robert did it”.

Eventually the family grew tired of the dolls antics and moved Robert to a box in the attic. When Eugene’s parents died and he inherited the house, he found Robert and brought him down from the attic. Eugene’s wife claimed that the doll’s expression changed. She placed Robert in the attic again, Eugene flew into a rage and brought him down again claiming Robert needed a room of his own where he could see the street.

Finally Eugene gave in and moved the doll to the attic, but visitors to the house still heard him moving about upstairs and on more than one occasion he was seen in the window. Though he was supposed to be in the attic, Robert would often appear in the downstairs rooms and again Eugene would say that “Robert did it”.

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