Star Trek – Boldly Go, Indeed

J.J. Abrams has boldly gone where George Lucas has failed to go in over 20 years, and I am thankful. Finally, someone has taken an element of my childhood imagination and modernized it without adding superfluous fluff and fodder for the sake of action figure merchandising. Admittedly, I’ve always been more of a Star Wars fan than a “Trekkie.” But, after seeing a thoroughly eye-popping, adult-friendly Star Trek, I might have to reconsider. Star Trek will probably be one of the more appreciated and cherished ‘popcorn’ movies of the summer, following in the footsteps of last year’s Iron Man. This reboot of Gene Roddenberry’s original TV series has the all the sexiness, the humor, and the balls of great science fiction without any of the camp and silliness. Believe me, I love panning movies, and was ready and willing to churn out lines like, “Spock’s ears have more of a point than this masturbatory nerd porn,” but that’s simply not true. For better or worse, Star Trek, is the new model for what blockbusters should be-frakking fun!

I won’t bother laying out the plot-that would be illogical. All I need to say is that the casting, the direction, the writing, and the production (effects out the ass!) are about as spot-on as Hollywood can seem to deliver these days. I wasn’t expecting to really enjoy each and every young, relatively unknown actor reprising such previously iconic sci-fi characters Shibuya Kaho . Not only do the new Kirk (a perfectly cocky, yet vulnerable Chris Pine), Spock (a delightfully wooden, yet vulnerable Zachary Quinto), ‘Bones’ McCoy (a smolderingly stoic Karl Urban), Uhura (a smolderingly hot Zoe Saldana ), Sulu (a surprisingly serious John Cho), and Scotty (a hilariously Scottish Simon Pegg) fill the shoes of the original actors, they accept these characters as their own with refreshed vigor.

The only moments of possible failure occur halfway through the film’s briskly paced two hours when the plot suffers the near-fatal sci-fi condition of time-travel. Abrams, as cocky a director as Capt. Kirk is, well, a Captain, seems to enjoy melting our brains with Lost-esque time-travel twists. Thankfully, Star Trek pulls out of the tailspin gracefully and actually uses the time-travel conceit as a way to ease the audience into accepting the fact that not only is Star Trek back as a franchise, it may just be even better than before.

Like a scene out of a bad movie, Tim introduces me to the owner, and decides to have a good laugh at my expense. The owner pitches me on producing a porno movie at a beach house he owns. I always try to be polite in these situations with a “thanks, but no thanks” type of response, especially when the buckets of ice beer, top-shelf shots, and food are on the house. I told him I did not do adult entertainment, not because any moral stand, it just wasn’t my thing.

He had watched America’s Wildest Bachelor Parties California and Las Vegas editions on VOD and Fantasy Striptease Private Shows on DVD. He told me they were porn in his eyes. Tim knew what my response was going to be, he has heard me tell me other people many times. AWBP and Fantasy Striptease are on, that company does not sell porn. There are no sex scenes or simulated sex scenes depicted. AWBP is a fun reality series like Jersey Shore. There is drinking, strippers, nudity, and tons of laughs. The famous “tequila booty shot” was invented on camera with AWBP: CA by us. Fantasy Striptease is what I like to call tasteful erotic cinema with high production value.

Fantasy Striptease Private Shows – Sexy pin-up girls from your dreams come to life on screen. Six beautifully filmed vignettes blur the line between reality and fantasy. Hot Little Red Riding Hood, Naughty School Girl, Sexy CEO, Summer Girl, Latina Bikini Model, and Fiery Red Devil want to give you a point of view private show you won’t forget.

So tastefully filmed you can watch it alone or with that special someone. This DVD is a modern twist on vintage pin-up beauties. A sizzling soundtrack was added to enhance viewing enjoyment. This is one romantic journey you’ll watch over and over. Hell, I know for a fact the soundtrack is getting played in cars from So Cal to NY because the artists on it are spreading the word.

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