From an SEO Perspective How Is a Blog Valuable?

A blog is something most people maintain for reasons other than commercial or operational. But from the perspective of Search Engine Optimization, a blog has value from many points of view, including the two stated above. An internet marketer, however big or small, wants to drive useful traffic to his website. In SEO parlance, this is referred to as organic traffic. A blog can be instrumental in achieving this.

SEO is all about bringing in valuable traffic while minimizing operational costs for the owner of the website or blog. If you were to contemplate adding articles, reviews or press releases to your website, you would have to pay for additional hosting . Instead, if you created a blog and submitted the posting to an article directory with a link in it to your website, it would have greater chances of being viewed by your target audience while you are not charged anything extra.

A blog is highly customizable and you can address your reader. You have the flexibility of taking an informal tone, adding pictures and videos and hyperlinks which let you bring valuable link juice to your website. Blogs can be made attractive with minimal effort. Suitable themes can be added at the click of a button on blog sites like WordPress.

SEO content in the form of blogs is considered to be invaluable by search engine algorithms for the simple reason that these blogs are tailor-made to answer point-to-point to the parameters that are ranked as most important by the search engine spider. Blogs can be built around keywords that are chosen through sophisticated keyword research tools. Multiple keywords used strategically throughout an article increase the SEO value of a blog because they make place for the all-important meta-tags to be added. For example, having a keyword in the first paragraph, even in the first line of the article means the search engine spider that crawls over that content immediately ranks that page higher than others.

The ownership of a blog is highly prized because SEO itself is very dynamic in nature. Search engine algorithms are tweaked and the parameters by which websites are evaluated changes every now and then. A blog is one place where you can add fresh articles and maintain a thread of highly sought-after content that, over time, becomes a gold-mine of comprehensive information.

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