You May Need Urgent Medical Attention Due To A High Risk Of Uterine And Breast Cancer

When you think of Provillus, one of the first ingredients that might pop up in your head would be testosterone replacement. This is a common idea for this treatment since the manufacturer, Synthetic Genex, markets it under the name Pro vasil. However, this treatment is not made solely for men. Women can also use it to treat the symptoms of blocked fallopian tubes or enlarged breasts.

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Mesterolone, marketed by the same company as Provenyl, is an oral androgen and anrogenic steroid drug that is used primarily to treat low testosterone concentrations in men. It has also recently been approved for use to treat female infertility, though this application is still controversial. Currently, it is only available orally. Because of its many benefits and the fact that it is now available proviron in tablet form, it is often prescribed by doctors to younger men who are preparing to undergo hormone replacement therapy for other conditions. It’s effectiveness and safety for treating testosterone deficiencies has been established by recent studies.

The active ingredients in proviron are methandienone, an androsterone that acts like androgens, and mesterolone. It works to convert testosterone into estrogen, which is required for female sexual function. Mesterolone blocks the production of testosterone and the ovary’s production of progesterone, both of which are key factors in female sexual dysfunction. As a result, a woman may experience decreased libido, fatigue, mood swings, irregular menstrual cycles, and breast pain.

There are some major benefits of proviron compared to other anabolic androgenic steroids. Unlike other oral sex steroids, it is only applied topically through injection. It can be easily tolerated by most people and has no serious side effects. Users report little to no change in their sex drive or sensation. This low risk makes it popular among bodybuilders and athletes.

Unlike some other anabolic steroids, proviron has been shown to have less of a potential to cause cancer in users. Studies on mice indicate that the chemical can potentially cause the formation of prostate cancer. However, these studies are still inconclusive. Another study performed on human subjects using proviron showed that the hormone may increase cholesterol levels. This could be dangerous for people with a risk of heart disease as high cholesterol levels may increase the risk of heart failure.

Some side effects that occur in users of proviron cycle include liver toxicity and joint inflammation. Liver toxicity is caused by long-term use as the chemical has been known to cause changes in liver cells. This affects the functioning of the liver and leads to yellowing of skin and jaundice. Joint inflammation is commonly known as arthritis.

Animal studies and a few case reports regarding human indicate that there is a risk of birth defects when women use proviron. The chemical has been shown to cause hormonal substances such as testosterone to become unbalanced. This can consequently lead to abnormalities in the development of the fetus. Other studies have shown that the hormone increases the risk of tumours in the liver. A high level of estrogen has been found in breast cancer tumors. It has been theorized that the chemical interferes with the normal function of the liver.

If you may need urgent medical attention due to an increased risk of uterine growths, ovarian cancer, or kidney tumours, you should discontinue use of proviron. For men, if you notice a decrease in sexual function or erectile dysfunction and the presence of acne, you may need to discontinue use. Always speak to your doctor or health care professional before taking any hormonal substances.

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