Titanium Body Jewelry – No Longer Just a Passing Fad

Body jewelry has been popular among young people for quite some time now. It is a mode of self-expression much like tattooing and other body applications. The most popular types of body ornaments are the ubiquitous bellybutton rings followed by cartilage jewelry and labret jewelry. One of the most ideal types of metals for body adornments is titanium. This metal is great because it is hypoallergenic. It is totally not reactive to bodily fluids and so provokes no allergic reactions unlike gold with high nickel content or various alloys of silver oufer .

The curved barbell is one of the more common styles of body jewelry for the belly button. It is basically just that, a barbell that opens at one end so it can be strung through the belly button. They are also called banana bells and come in various other materials like acrylic, zircon gold, surgical steel, bioplast and of course titanium. Titanium is probably the best material for items like gemstone navel banana bells where natural gemstones are mounted into the barbells. Titanium is an incredibly strong, stiff and hard metal and is ideal for setting gemstones that you don’t want to have fall out in the long run.

Ball closure rings are fairly common and mostly used in the navel, ear and lip.They are available in gold, surgical steel and titanium. This metal is especially loved for these types of rings because it is so easily colored with bright colors through the oxidation process. Because the coating is essentially oxidized titanium it is still also nonreactive and perfectly safe to be used for body piercings. Body spirals are a good alternative to the traditional banana bell. Usually both ends can be unscrewed to allow for maximum flexibility when threading endless combination of accessories.

Another quality of titanium body jewelry is the fact that the metal is nonmagnetic. If you’ve ever been through airport security check you would have noticed that even some of your gold pieces end up beeping and you have to remove them from your person. In this case titanium body jewelry does not show up or beep and a good thing too because you would have hordes of body accessory wearers having to go through strip search to see what beeped. The next time you go shopping for body jewelry, stick to this high tech lightweight metal for body jewelry products and you can’t go wrong.

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