Will Waecks’ Run to Deliver More Gold in 2021?

Well, it has been almost twenty years since Waec Runs first arrived on the scene and everyone is still talking about it. It was the first time I had ever seen an actual training run, and I can remember thinking at the time that this was a brilliant idea. You see if you could get people to run on an oval track like this you would be guaranteed a gold medal and everyone would be lining up for their heats. You see that is what happened with the German team and the reason they were so fast on the track was because of the preparation that they did, in fact back in 1988 they actually did train on the SSEC.

That was a rather unfortunate incident, as you might imagine. However as time has gone by and we have seen many other Olympic hopefuls join the SSEC we have also seen how these athletes have improved their times without ever joining a waer topic course. Now if you look back at some of those SSEC runs you will notice just how fast the athletes are and that is down to the training and also how good they have become at developing their motor skills. In the recent Waec Runs there are some pretty good names in the mix, with defending champions Vera Richter and Maureen Fee going to challenge the favorites in the men’s section waec runs .

The men’s section features three British men – Jason Legg, Rob Taylor and James Guy. They all have different answers to the typical Waec Runs questions which are normally ‘how hard are your kicks? and ‘where do you see yourself in four years?’. Of the three questions though only one of them was answered correctly by Legg who went onto say that his kicks are a lot harder than they look, something that he has worked on extensively and that helps him to land them perfectly.

The women’s section is where things get interesting as there is now a new addition to the GB triathlon team – Camille Serrano. She replaces Jadeurden who pulled out due to injury. The new signing is not quite as impressive as Jadeurden, but then again she is from Spain so that is not such a big surprise. At the time of writing there are no further updates on the signing of Camille Serrano and there is no indication that there may be any other announcements regarding this GB triathlon subscription price list. It does look as though the GB swim section is about to get bigger and this may be reflected in the subscription prices too.

So to conclude what we can say is that it looks as though the future for GB at the Olympics looks strong with Andy Murray leading the pack alongside defending champion Peter Thomas for the captain’s shirt. If there was a chance to reward silver medallists John Mills and Nicola Caprarini with a second Olympic gold, I think we can safely say that the directors missed it. That said there is still a lot of work to be done between now and the start of the Olympics in Tokyo in July. Be sure to check out our website for all the latest updates and if you want some more UK triathlon information for your event, why not check out our dedicated swim section, where all the latest news and reviews can be found.

In my opinion, I am expecting a very high performance from the women’s section and a close second or even third placing for the men. I think that the GB swim and runz will continue to grow in popularity in the years to come and will challenge the dominance of the British pool at the Olympics in the years to come. So runz and Waecks will be in action at the Olympics in July and if you want more UK triathlon information be sure to check out our dedicated home page for all the latest updates and news.

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