Why Rapid Weight Loss Is Not Unhealthy

Weight loss is always a very taboo subject at the best of times, but when it comes to fast, rapid weight loss then this is a different story all together. People have huge issues with rapid loss of weight because of numerous reasons. Most people when they lose weight do not do it in the correct healthy way, but instead starve their bodies of food and nutrients and strip off weight both muscle and fat. This can leave people looking very skeleton like, skinny and unhealthy. Not only that, it means their body is starved of the nutrients that it needs to perform its daily tasks such as movement, body energy, thinking but most importantly the many functions that we do not think about that the body performs daily. Functions such as breathing, digesting, cell regeneration, stopping muscle wastage, growth of organs and skeletal structure, hair, skin, nails and so on. It is for this reason that most people who starve themselves automatically look like they are slowly killing themselves, it is because in actual fact they are!

But this form of weight loss or rapid weight loss is something that cannot be assumed all people follow and as such you need to separate this form of weight loss from Biotox other healthier forms of dropping weight because when you talk about one or the other, they are in fact to completely different things. One is starving your body of nutrients in an uneducated, unhealthy way, while the other is using food and your bodies hormones to set your body up in the way it was set up to perform. You see your body was never set up to create obesity or excess body fat, although it was set up to help you love through both feast and famine times. If you think back to our evolutionary process, humans have never had such abundant food supplies and such easy access to food. Also today’s food is not like it once was because we now have instant access to food no matter where we go, have food advertisement blasting us from left and right trying to make us crave food when we have just finished eating, plus the food we are offered today is calorie dense, high in sugar, highly processed and stripped of most nutrients and fibre.

You do not need to be a genius to understand why obesity is plaguing more and more developed and developing countries these days, but what you do need to do is educate yourself about foods, the food chain and what nutrients do what to your body. Once you learn even the basics about nutrient, nutrient selection and how nutrients create hormonal responses in your body then you can start to avoid the common weight loss mistakes most people make when they are looking to drop some pounds.

The main take home is that is you are losing weight correctly and not starving your bodies of nutrients then how can weight loss, even if it is rapid be an unhealthy thing? Think about how unhealthy it is to carry extra pounds around on your body each day, and how healthier you would be after getting rid of those extra pounds.

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