The Types of Tarps Available – Which Tarps Are Ideal For Your Needs?

For a protective material, a tarp is often used. Tarps, however, don’t have one specific composition and, instead, are based on certain protective needs. For example, polyethylene, the most common material for tarps, is for waterproof and UV resistant properties, while mesh tarps are used when some breathability and sunlight are needed. As a tarp doesn’t have universal protection, consider what needs to be covered and how before purchasing a tarp. In addition, a tarp needs to be secured with grommets to be fully protective to an object.

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The most common type of tarp is polyethylene, but poly tarps themselves come in medium and heavy duty varieties. A medium-duty tarp, for example, has a 10 by 10 denier count, while heavy-duty tarps are usually 14 by 14, but, in terms of use, heavy-duty poly tarps are better for long-term protection. In fact, heavy-duty polyethylene tarps are used typically as the canopies in portable garages. When you need to protect an object outdoors for several months at a time, a heavy-duty tarp is designed for this need and, as a result, one can be used to store such seasonal vehicles as RVs and boats. Medium-duty tarps, on the other hand, are designed for temporary protection. “Temporary” can be a few days to a couple of months, and a medium-duty tarp, such as a blue tarp, can be used as a camping or hurricane tarp tarps.

Tarps are composed of other materials, however. Canvas tarps are one example. Canvas tarps can protect objects outdoors, but their ideal use is as painting tarps indoors or outdoors. Mesh tarps are another material, but these are used when the objects being protected can be exposed to water and sunlight. Typically, these tarps are used as truck tarps for certain materials and as garden tarps for low light plants. Vinyl tarps are seen as a heavy-duty version of polyethylene and are used for extreme protection instances, such as for transporting lumber and steel or use as large construction tarps.

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